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Reviews & Testimonials

Ringing True

“…a tour de force…an intimate and mystical night of theater…”
—The Miami Herald
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“Rebecca will have Miami audiences in the palm of her hand!”
—Sun Sentinel
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Cities of Light

“Rebecca Joy Fletcher is a messenger of the lost world of European Jewish cabaret.”
—The Jewish Week
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“An entertaining and important piece for anyone looking to broaden their understanding and appreciation of Jewish and musical history.”
—Joe Stead, Chicago Stage Style
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“One-woman show explores bygone Jewish artists.”
—The Chicago Jewish News
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“!נוכחותה הכובשת של פלצ’ר על הבמה הלהיבה את הקהל”
—Anat Tencler
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“Entertaining, informative, and imaginative.”
—LA Splash
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“Rebecca is a world-class actress, singer, and playwright. Don’t miss Cities of Light!”
—Anne Quesemand, Artistic Director, La Vieille Grille Theatre, Paris

“Dramatic flare and a voice that ranged from sultry and sexy to playful and teasing.”
—Jewish Community of Louisville, KY
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“Rebecca wants to share it all with you—her stories, her laughter, her intellect, her songs. What a generous and gifted artist!”
—Jen Green, Artistic Director, Piven Theatre, Chicago

“Rebecca helps us weave together who we Jews have been, are, and can be. Her performances are unique: imaginative, intelligent, and inspirational.”
—Rabbi Jan Urbach, Founding Rabbi, Conservative Synagogue of the Hamptons & Nahar NYC, NY

“With her unique blend of witty, heartbreaking music and magical storytelling, Fletcher brings a little known chapter of our history squarely back to life. Jerusalem audiences were enthralled!”
—Elyssa Moss Rabinowitz, Co-Founder, Kol HaOt, Israel

“Rebecca awed all those in attendance. It was wonderful to be able to bring a performance of this caliber to our community.”
—Arlene Schiff, Executive Director, Jewish Federation of the Berkshires, NY

“Thank you, Rebecca, for your moving and hilarious world-class show!”
—Cantor Sergei Schwartz, Temple Sinai, Roslyn Heights, NY

“Rebecca Fletcher’s performance was inspired! Our 400 audience members were enchanted. I would sit through Cities again and again!”
—Dr Miriam Kassenoff, Director, Miami Holocaust Memorial, FL

“Rebecca’s artistry is compelling, important and unique.”

—Richard Perez, Associate Artistic Director, Chicago Dramatists

“Rebecca brings a sexy and insouciant manner to her performances…Cities took London by storm!”
—Geraldine Auerbach, Founding Director of the Jewish Music Institute, UK

“Rebecca owns the stage; she seduces and delights. Cities of Light: an aching affirmation of life!”
—David Y. Chack, President, Association for Jewish Theatre


“Ms. Fletcher delivers a richly rounded and eventually heartbreaking performance…illuminating, ultimately touching.”
—Lawrence Van Gelder, The New York Times
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“Fascinating historical excavation has gone on with Kleynkunst!…funny and startling.”
—The New York Post
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“Kleynkunst! is all about the power art has for enabling people to celebrate life and endure its hardships. And it is brilliant. Mazel Tov!”
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“A terrific showcase for two exceptional performers…Kleynkunst! is a memorable tribute to the importance and lasting power of art.”
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“It is what cabaret can be about, a bawdy, brooding, satirical, hilarious, and powerful glimpse into the past…”

“Kleynkunst! delivers rich historic truths, while at the same time delighting and moving. A hugely successful show!”
—Georgia Buchanan, Managing Director, National Yiddish Theatre

Grit and Glamour Cabaret

“Fletcher’s acting abilities and confidence onstage whisked the audience on a musical journey…. A glowing performance”
—KDHX, St. Louis, MO
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Artist In Residency Testimonials

“I recommend Rebecca highly—as a performer and educator—to all quality Jewish institutions.”
—Rabbi Elka B. Abrahamson, President, The Wexner Foundation

“A tremendously inspiring and talented teaching artist!”
—Clive Lawton, Co-Founder of Limmud International

“The kids of our congregation fell absolutely in love with Rebecca. We all did! Our weekend with her proved a huge hit. I recommend Rebecca highly to any Jewish institution looking for cutting-edge programming which will entertain, educate, and inspire.”
—Cantor Rogerio Marx, Temple Israel of Albany, NY

“Rebecca teaches from the soul. What emerges is a powerful and moving experience for all her students.”
—Rabbi Dianne Cohler-Esses, Director of Education, Romemu, New York, NY

“By the time our weekend was over, Rebecca had meaningfully connected with our religious school students and their parents, the regular service goers, and a cabaret audience of over 100 congregants, ranging in age from 16 to 86. She enchanted the entire congregation!”
—Mike Wikes, Program Director, Congregation Beth Emeth, Herndon VA

“Rebecca is the consummate teaching artist.”
—Golda Tencer, Artistic Director, State Yiddish Theatre, Warsaw

“Her ability to connect, soul-to-soul, has transformed many adults into eager students again.”
—Elise Cagan, President, Hebrew Tabernacle Congregation, New York, NY

“Rebecca’s talents are rare: she is a scholar dedicated to rigorous research, a fantastic singer and actress, and a thrilling teacher. She is uniquely suited to rekindle Tel Aviv’s cabaret legacy and bring it forward to the world.”
—Dr. Edwin Serrousi, Director, Jewish Music Research Centre, Hebrew University, Jerusalem

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