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Rebecca is a master Jewish educator. She will work with you to handcraft an Artist-in-Residency weekend uniquely suited to your community, with one of her signature performances at its center. Explore Rebecca’s many educational offerings, below, for a weekend which will foster community, encourage joy, and kindle a greater love of Judaism.

Educational Offerings for Kids

Rebecca has a special way with kids and she loves working with them. Offering a wide range of workshops and classes, Rebecca’s goal is to help children of all ages fall more in love with Judaism, with theater, and with themselves.

Educational Offerings for Teens

Rebecca knows that the deeper teens connect, the more their Jewish identities can anchor them. For this reason, she not only teaches fun and confidence-building performance techniques to teens; she also helps them to joyfully explore their own Judaism and to tell their own new Jewish stories.

Educational Offerings for Adults

It is one of Rebecca’s greatest pleasures to wrestle with Jewish ideas and ideals together with a group of engaged adults. From non-Jewish social workers in Warsaw to Sisterhood ladies on Staten Island to graduate students at the University of London, Rebecca consistently seeks out opportunities to teach, explore, and give back.

Educational Offerings for Women

There is a particular power in gathering women together. Rebecca offers special workshops and classes that are tailored to inspire her feminine participants spiritually, intellectually, and creatively. Participants call them “magical” and “tremendously fun.” Why not experience one for yourself?


A born public speaker.”
“You made the topic come alive.”
“I would listen to you lecture on the phone book!”

These are the kinds of accolades Rebecca receives when she offers a public lecture. Sometimes she even throws in a song! Rebecca has lectured at synagogues, JCC’s, universities, conferences, and day schools around the world.

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Theatrical Sermons

Rebecca can present a specially tailored, theatrical sermon as part of your Friday evening or Shabbat morning service. This unique style of dvar Torah will focus on the week’s Torah portion, incorporate music, and possibly feature your clergy as well. A great way to not only introduce Rebecca to your community, but to offer them words of Torah in an enticing, new way.

Special Shabbat Services

As an ordained cantor, Rebecca is no stranger to crafting uplifting, musically rich services. With the collaboration of your clergy, she can present a special Shabbat service for your community. Possibilities include:  Sephardic Kabbalat Shabbat; Shabbat across Europe – 1920; Yiddish Song Shabbat; Shabbat in Jerusalem; and Shabbat of Niggunim.

Watch Rebecca’s JDOV Talk

JDOV is a project of JHub, inspiring innovation and social change within the British Jewish community and beyond.
“There are few artists today who combine incredible theatrical talent with extensive Jewish knowledge and depth as Rebecca does! Her artist in residency weekends inspire you to become the person (and the Jew) you really want to be. Her work creates community in remarkably fresh ways. I cannot recommend her enough.”

—Rabbi Jan Uhrbach, Founding Rabbi, Conservative Synagogue of the Hamptons & Nahar, New York, NY

“Her ability to connect, soul-to-soul, has transformed many adults into eager students again.”

—Elise Cagan, President, Hebrew Tabernacle Congregation , New York, NY

“In these times, when Jewish organizations must find the best value for our programming resources, you will do no better than inviting Rebecca as your artist in residence. She is a brilliant teacher, a world class performer, and a mench. She will help young and old tap into their own Judaism and creativity. She is a treasure!”

—Mike Wikes, Program Director, Congregation Beth Emeth, Herndon VA

“Rebecca is the consummate teaching artist.”

—Golda Tencer, Artistic Director, State Yiddish Theatre, Warsaw

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